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Dear Conference Organiser,

Let’s be honest.

If you have oodles of time and have nothing more pressing, then you don’t really need a speakers bureau to help you find a motivational speaker for your conference, do you?

But, if time is of the essence to you – and I know it is –  then you should seriously consider using a speakers bureau to source your next conference speaker.

There are advantages:

  • Reputable bureaus have seen their speakers in action and know their strengths and weaknesses
  • You save massive amounts of time. It can take a bureau 20 minutes to give you a short-list of three speakers that are available on the date you require
  • A good bureau will hold your hand and help you with the briefing process so that the speaker is on the same page as you when it comes to achieving your strategic objectives from your conference

Why use 9K Motivational Speakers?

  • We have a 100+ database of of expert speakers that can cover just about any topic you can think of. If you have a specific speaker in mind and we don’t have him or her on our database, no problem. We have good relationships with other speakers bureaus, both local and overseas) and can tap into their databases
  • We save you huge amounts of time. We know how stressful it is putting together a conference, there’s a gazillion details you have to process. We’re just taking the stress of finding the right speaker off you
  • You have one point of contact. We deal with the short-list of speakers and/or their assistants so there’s less detail for you to deal with
  • We find a right-fit speaker for your conference based on your strategic objectives

Request A Speaker

 A Note From Jacques de Villiers

I’m totally vested in your success and want you to find the best speaker for your conference.

In my more than 17 years in the speaking business, I’ve discovered one truth about about success in hiring a speaker …

… The secret is in the briefing.

So, for us both to save time and for me to find you exactly the right speaker to wow your audience, please add the following details to your speaker request:

  • Date of conference
  • Venue and city
  • How much time does the speaker have on stage
  • What time is the speaker up
  • Who is the target audience
  • What are the objectives of the conference
  • What is your budget for the speaker

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